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How it works

 It's quite simple.
You go to a lesson page. Each lesson contains 1-5 dialogs on a certain topic. You listen to the audio, then go through the text and read the explanation. That's it!
The key is to work through as many dialogs as you can to saturate your "cache" with phrases, words and expressions that are used every day in millions and millions of conversations all over the country.
Dialogs are essentially nothing but a series of most common day-to-day conversations that make up for 80 to 90% of casual daily communication.
There are different ways to work with the program:
1) Simply come to the website daily and simply listen to dialogs over and over again. Order is not important. Twice a day, three times a day, whatever. Until you feel you don't have to think anymore to recognize and understand the dialogs. Until it becomes almost subconscious.
2) Download recorded dialogs and burn them on a CD or put on your iPOD or MP3 player and listen in your car, on your way to work, during lunch break or wherever you want. You can downoad the dialogs here.
For version in Russian click here --> Как это работает