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Email #1: asking for help

posted Aug 30, 2010, 7:28 AM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Oct 6, 2012, 9:42 PM ]
Email 1.1 (Don to Brent)
Hi Brent,
Could you help us out with an error we are encountering when we launch the current production version of AAA application on a Windows 7 computer?
Attached is a copy of the error message that occurs when we launch the app and the log files.

Thanks, Brent.


Email 1.2 (Brent to Don and Paul)
Hey Don,
It looks very similar to the problems that I was having during our own upgrade. From my experience with upgrading other applications and websites, it takes about a week of initial investigation to determine the amount of effort required to do the upgrade. If the upgrade is something that is going to be required, I believe that we should get together as a group and discuss available options.



Email 1.3 (Paul to Brent)

Thanks Brent. We’re going to try some workarounds before we consider proceeding with the upgrade you are proposing. Please stand by.

  • Application - весьма распространено в официальной переписке. Означает "компьютерное приложение, программа". Например Microsof Word is a Windows application.
  • App - сокращенно от Application.
  • Thx = Thanks!
  • Workaround - окольный (непрямой) путь решения какой-либо проблемы. 
  • Stand by - в данном случае означает предложение подождать, не предпринимать ничего, ожидая дальнейших указаний.