Все диалоги разбиты на уроки и темы. Каждый урок содержит от 1 до 5-6 диалогов, так что общее их количество составляет 111. 

42. Casual chat (long time no see)

posted Jul 1, 2009, 9:47 AM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:59 PM ]


  • Hey, Tracy! How are you guys doing! Haven't heard from you for ages!
  • Yeah, it's been a while! We've been really busy in the last couple of months. And we just came back from vacation.
  • Vacation? Where did you guys go?
  • Mayan Riviera.
  • Wow, nice! So how did you like it there?
  • It was awesome! Great resort! All-inclusive! Two weeks of heaven!
  • Was that just the two of you?
  • Yeah, Joanne and I - a nice little getaway from winter!
  • I can imagine! How did she like it?
  • Oh she loved it!
  • That's great! Hey we should get together sometime soon!
  • Absolutely! Why don't you come over next Saturday? We're having some friends over, so it would be great if you guys stopped by. We'll show you some pictures from the trip!
  • Sounds like a good idea! I'll check with Cory and we'll call you back!
  • Great! Talk to you soon then!
  • Alright. See you!
  • Hey, how are you? Long time no see!
  • I know! Where have you been hiding?
  • Oh life's just been crazy lately.
  • Oh yeah? What have you been up to?
  • Well, we did some renovations at our house.
  • Oh, is that right? What did you do?
  • Well, we re-did the bathroom and the kitchen. Put in new cabinets, granite countertop, put tile on the floor.
  • Wow! Nice! Ceramic tile?
  • Yes! It looks gorgeous! A totally new look! You should come by some time, check it out!
  • Oh I'd love to!
  • Just pop in. We're usually home in the evenings - during the week, anyway.
  • Sounds great! Maybe I'll drop by sometime this week.
  • Sure! Just give me a call on my cell before you come - just in case.
  • I will. Ok, see you soon!
  • Yep, take care!
Comments & Explanation: 
  1. Это типовые диалоги, происходящие между двумя знакомыми, которые давно не виделись.

41. Calling a cab

posted Jul 1, 2009, 9:44 AM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:51 PM ]

  • Unicity Taxi. How can I help you?
  • Hi! I'd like a cab at 526 Monroe for 2:30pm.
  • Where are you going?
  • Airport.
  • 526 Monroe Avenue?
  • That's correct.
  • Ok, you're booked. The car will be waiting outside at 2:30.
  • Thanks!
  • You're welcome!
  • Blueline Taxi. What can I do for you?
  • I'd like a pick-up at 7:30 tomorrow morning.
  • Your address?
  • 235 Garry street, it's a highrise by Fort Garry Hotel.
  • Ok, and where do you need to go?
  • Greyhound Bus Station at Portage and Colony.
  • Ok, you're set.
  • Thank you!
  • You're welcome! Have a nice day!
  • Bye.
Comments & Explanation:   
  1. Заказ такси в чем-то подобен заказу пиццы, только гораздо проще. В условленный час раздастся звонок и автомат скажет вам о том, что ваше такси прибыло.
  2. Забавно, что чаще всего вас даже не спросят номер телефона. Поначалу меня это удивляло, поскольку звонок-подтверждение тем не менее раздавался всегда, пока я наконец не понял, что номер, вероятно, автоматически регистрируется с помощью определителя номера.

40. Ordering pizza

posted Jul 1, 2009, 9:36 AM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:51 PM ]

  • Flying Pizza. How can I help you?
  • Hi! I'd like to order pizza.
  • What's the address?
  • 225 Fleming street.
  • Can I get your phone number?
  • Yes. It's 995-22-36.
  • Ok, what would you like on your pizza?
  • Pepperoni and cheese, please.
  • What size?
  • Large.
  • Do you want any pop with it?
  • No, thanks.
  • Ok, your total is $12.95 and it will be delivered within the next 30-45 minutes. And there's a $3 delivery charge on all orders under 15 dollars.
  • That's fine. Thanks!
  • Pizza-Hotline. What can I do for
    you today?
  • Yes, hi! We would like a delivery at 1018 Consul street.
  • 1018 Consul?
  • Yes. It's C-O-N-S-U-L.
  • Got it. Can I get your phone number?
  • It's 229-6239.
  • And your name?
  • It's Cory.
  • What kind of pizza would you like?
  • We'd like large pepperoni and mushrooms with extra cheese and an extra large Hawaiian... you know, with pineapple.
  • Ok, large pepperoni with mushrooms and extra cheese and extra large Hawaiian. Would you like any drinks with it? You can have a 2 liter Coke for an extra 50 cents.
  • Sure. Make it a diet Coke, though.
  • No problem. It will be $21.45 with taxes. And your delivery is free.What will you be paying with? Cash?
  • Yep.
  • Alright. It will be about 30 minutes.
  • Perfect. Thanks!
Comments & Explanation:  
  1. Заказ пиццы по телефону осуществляется довольно просто, однако и тут есть свои маленькие нюансы:
    • обычно у вас спросят ваш номер телефона, на тот случай, если водитель заблудился, не может найти место и т.п.
    • также иногда вас могут спросить ваше имя. Зачем, я точно не знаю...
  2. Pop - нет, в данном случае это вовсе не поп-музыка, а обобщенное название прохладительных газированных напитков (pepsi, coke, seven-up и т.п.).
  3. Обычно пицца готовится стандартных размеров: small (диаметром 10"), medium (12"), large (14") and extra large (16"). Хотя в разных заведениях размеры могут слегка отличаться.
  4. Иногда доставка оплачивается отдельно. Об этом, как и о стоимости, вас обычно предупредят сразу.
  5. Многие pizza delivery компании принимают оплату за доставленную пиццу не только наличкой, но и кредитной картой. Для этого у водителя (так же, как и у многих таксистов) имеется специальное переносное устройство.

39. On the plane (food service)

posted May 30, 2009, 9:42 PM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:50 PM ]


  • Would you like chicken or pasta?
  • Chicken, please.
  • Here you are!
  • Thanks!
  • You're welcome!
  • How about you, sir? Chicken or fish?
  • What does it come with?
  • I think chicken comes with rice and fish comes with scalloped potatoes.
  • Then I'll have fish, please.
  • Here you are!
  • Thank you!
  • You're welcome!
  • Would you like coffee or tea?
  • Tea please. With lemon, if possible.
  • Of course! Here's you tea with lemon.
  • Can I also have an extra napkin, please?
  • Sure.
  • Thanks!

  • Excuse me! Sorry to bother you. Can I have another spoon? I accidentally dropped mine on the floor.
  • Sure! No problem! I'll bring you another one. Anything else?
  • And a glass of water please! I'm really thirsty.
  • Certainly! I'll be right back!
  • Thank you so much!
  • You are very welcome! 
Comments & Explanation: 
  1. Это типовые диалоги, происходящие в полете при обслуживании пассажиров бортпроводниками, по-английски, кстати, называемыми flight attendants.

38. On the plane (drinks)

posted May 30, 2009, 9:24 PM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:49 PM ]

  • Hi, what would you like to drink?
  • I'll have a Pepsi, please.
  • Here you are!
  • Thank you!
  • You're welcome!
  • Anything to drink?
  • Can I have a Diet? No ice, please.
  • Sure. Here you go.
  • Thanks!
  • You're welcome!
  • Can I offer you a drink, sir?
  • What do you have?
  • We have Pepsi, Diet, Seven Up, apple juice, orange juice, water…
  • How about mineral water?
  • Sure. Would you like some?
  • Yes, please!
  • Here you go.
  • Thanks you so much!
  • You are very welcome!


  • Would you like a drink?
  • Yes. Do you have tomato juice?
  • No, unfortunately not. But we have V-8.
  • What is that?
  • It's juice made of tomatoes and other vegetables. It's very good.
  • OK, I'll try that.
  • Here you are. Anything else?
  • Can I have a napkin, please?
  • Absolutely!
  • Thank you!
  • No problem!
  • Anything for you to drink, sir?
  • Yes, I'd like a Coke, please.
  • How about Pepsi? We don't have Coke. Sorry.
  • Then I'll just have water, please.
  • Water? Certainly! Here you are.
  • Thanks!
  • You're welcome! And sorry about the Coke!
  • No problem!
Comments & Explanation:    
  1. Подобные диалоги можно услышать при раздаче напитков на любом авиарейсе с обслуживанием на английском.

37. Shopping (at the cashier's desk)

posted May 30, 2009, 8:34 AM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:47 PM ]


  • Hi! Is that everything for you today?
  • Yes, that will be it!
  • It comes to $129.75.
  • Here's my debit card.
  • Ok...  Do you want your receipt with you or in the bag?
  • You can put in the bag.
  • Sure! Here you go! Have a great day!
  • Thanks! You too!
  • Bye!


  • Hi! Can you put these two items in separate bags please? One is a gift!
  • Sure! No problem!
  • Your total is $87.29.
  • Here you go! (handing Visa card to the cashier)
  • I'm gonna need your signature... here... Ok! Here's your receipt! Thank you and have a nice evening!
  • Thank you! You too! Bye-bye!
Comments & Explanation:    
  1. Диалоги, подобные этим, часто происходят при расчетах с продавцом.

36. Shopping (clothes, trying on)

posted May 29, 2009, 9:15 PM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:47 PM ]

  • Hi! I'd like to try these pants on.
  • Ok, the fitting rooms are just over there, by the customer service counter!
  • Thanks!
  • Hi! I'd like to try these on! Where's the fitting room?
  • It's to your left, around the corner!
  • Thanks!
  • You're welcome!

  • Excuse me! Do you have this shirt in a bigger size?
  • What size are you looking for?
  • I need a Medium.
  • Hmmm... I think we should have some... if not here, then in the back for sure... let me go check it for you... Ok, here's one!
  • Oh, thanks! Much appreciated! I'm gonna try it on!
  • Hi! I'm wondering if you guys have this sweater in a Large size. This is a Medium and it feels a little too tight.
  • Let me go check... Ok, I found a Large one for you. Would you like to try it on?
  • Sure! Thanks so much!
  • Hi! Can you help me here, please?
  • Sure! What can I do for you?
  • Well I like these Guess jeans. Nice color and model. But I can't seem to find the right size.
  • What size do you need?
  • 34/32.
  • OK, let me see. Hmm.. looks like we don't have any of those fits. But here's a pair of 34/34.
  • But those would be too long!
  • We can get them hemmed for you, if you want! At no extra charge!
  • Ok, that will work!
Comments & Explanation:    
  1. Когда вы ищете нужный размер одежды или если вам нужно что-то примерить, то между вами и продавцом обычно происходит диалог, подобный приведенным в этом уроке.

35. Shopping (getting help)

posted May 28, 2009, 3:00 PM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:46 PM ]


  • Hi! Do you need any help at all?
  • Hi, yes... I'm looking for a a pair of runners.
  • You're looking for, like, sports kind of... or casual everyday ones?
  • Just like... regular everyday kind...
  • Ok, we have all kinds of runners over here. We have Champion, Puma, Nike and so on... Lots to choose from.
  • Oh good! That's what I'm looking for! Thanks!
  • You're welcome! If you have any questions just let me know, ok?
  • Sure! Will do!


  • Hi! Is there anything I can help you with?
  • Yes, please! I'm looking for a suede jacket.
  • You're looking for casual or for more of a dressy kind?
  • Casual. More like a bomber jacket.
  • Ok, let's see. We have a very good jacket right here. Very popular model.
  • Hmm... yes... but I'm not really into black color... I was thinking more of a brown or light brown.
  • Hmmm... it doesn't look like we have any suede brown jackets here at the moment. Sorry!
  • That's ok. I'll just keep looking. But thanks anyways for the help!
  • No problem. Sorry again!
  • Excuse me! I'm looking to buy a laptop. Is there anyone who can help me?
  • Certainly! Let me get someone to help you.
  • Thanks!
  • Hi! I'm looking for rechargeable batteries. Do you have any of those?
  • Sure! I believe we have a couple of models right here... Do you need a charger as well?
  • Yes I think so.
  • Ok, so there are some chargers here as well.
  • Great! Thanks for your help!
  • You're very welcome!
Comments & Explanation:    
  1. Диалоги, представленные в этом уроке, характерны для ситуаций, когда вам нужна помощь продавца.
  2. Casual or dressy.  Когда речь идет об одежде, casual означает одежду для повседневной носки в отличие от dressy, что означает парадную, выходную одежду. Например, casual pants - это повседневные брюки, тогда как dress pants - пара парадных брюк, брюк для выхода. Кстати, привычное многим слово trousers (брюки) в обиходе практически не используется.

34. Shopping (no thanks)

posted May 27, 2009, 1:05 PM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:45 PM ]

  • Hi! Do you need any help?
  • No, thanks! I'm just looking around.
  • No problem! If you need any help, just let me know.
  • Thanks! I will!
  • Hi! Is there anything I can help you with?
  • No, I think we're good. Just browsing around here.
  • Well, if you need any help, just give me a shout.
  • Thanks!
  • Hi, folks! Have you been looked after yet?
  • No, we're gonna look around first, if you don't mind. But if we need anything, we'll let you know.
  • Absolutely! Take your time!
  • Hi! How are you doing today?
  • Hi! We're good.
  • Are you looking for anything in particular?
  • No, not really. Just looking around.
  • Ok, let me know if you need anything.
  • Hi! Are you finding what you're looking for?
  • Yes, we're doing ok. Just looking.
  • Ok, if you have any questions just let me know.
Comments & Explanation:     
  1. Когда вы заходите в крупные магазины или супермаркеты (типа Wallmart), к вам редко кто-то подбежит и предложит помощь. Однако если речь идет о более мелких shops или отделах, то не успеете вы переступить порог, то можете быть уверены, что к вам тут же подлетит кто-то из продавцов и поинтересуется, не требуется ли вам помощь. Это очень вежливо и в общем-то неплохо, но порой от этого устаешь и тогда меня это начинает раздражать. Я, конечно, понимаю, что задача продавца продать, но в конце концов, я только зашел посмотреть, что у них есть! В такие моменты мне хочется им внятно сказать: "Ребята, да отвалите же вы в конце концов! Дайте спокойно осмотреться! Если мне понадобится - я сам к вам подойду!" Но будучи человеком вежливым вместо этого я говорю одну из приведенных в этом уроке формулировок. Чего и вам советую! :-))

33. Shopping (groceries)

posted May 27, 2009, 12:36 PM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:42 PM ]


  • Excuse me! Where can I find baking soda?
  • It will be right over there, second isle to the left... I think, it's isle 12.
  • Thank you!
  • You're welcome!


  • Excuse me, do you guys carry goat milk?
  • Yes, we usually do. It should be in the dairy section, to your right. Let me show you... here it is.
  • Thanks so much!
  • You're very welcome!


  • Excuse me! I'm looking for canned tuna. Where would that be?
  • It's in isle 5, next to the oriental foods.
  • Thanks!
  • No problem!


  • Have you found everything alright?
  • Yes, I think so!
  • Do you need any bags?
  • Yes, 5, please!
  • Do you want your milk in the bag?
  • No, that's OK!
  • It comes to $112.35
  • Here you go!
  • Ok, here's your change and your receipt.
  • Thanks! Have a great day!
  • You too!


  • The total comes to $85.54
  • Here's my debit card!
  • Ok! And here's your receipt! Have a good night!
  • Thanks, you too!
  • Hi! Did you find everything alright?
  • Yes I did!
  • Do you have a club card?
  • Oh yeah! Here you go...
  • Would you like your milk in the bag?
  • No, thanks!
  • It comes to $97.48. Mastercard? Ok... And your signature here please.
  • Here's your receipt. Thank you very much and have a great day!
  • Thanks! You too! Bye.
Comments & Explanation:    
  1. В этом уроке приведены наиболее типичные диалоги, происходящие в столь же типичных супермаркетах, часто называемых здесь grocery stores.
  2. Isle - так называются проходы между стеллажами в большинстве крупных сетевых магазинах типа Superstore, Safeway, Sobey's, Wallmart, Zellers и т.д. Обычно они пронумерованы и поименованы по названиям продовольственных или непродовольственных товаров.
  3. Dairy section - молочный отдел. Здесь обычно располагаются все молочные продукты, а также яйца и т.п.
  4. Canned tuna - консервы из тунца. В общем, прилагательное canned, добавленное к названию какого-либо продукта обозначает консервы. Например: canned milk, canned meat, canned fruits, canned vegetables и т.д.
  5. Club card - часто в крупных chains (сетевых магазинах), таких как Zellers, Sobey's, Safeway, существуют club cards, дающие определенные льготы постоянным покупателям - или в виде скидок, или заработанных очков, которые потом можно redeem, т.е. каким либо образом использовать.
  6. Would you like your milk in the bag? - признаюсь, я до сих пор так и не понял, почему кассир всегда спрашивает, хочу ли я, чтобы они положили 4-х литровый jug (бутыль) молока в отдельный пакет или нет. Я всегда отвечаю: Yes please, но они все равно всегда спрашивают.

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