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37. Shopping (at the cashier's desk)

posted May 30, 2009, 8:34 AM by Vladimir Pogrebinski   [ updated Feb 27, 2016, 12:47 PM ]


  • Hi! Is that everything for you today?
  • Yes, that will be it!
  • It comes to $129.75.
  • Here's my debit card.
  • Ok...  Do you want your receipt with you or in the bag?
  • You can put in the bag.
  • Sure! Here you go! Have a great day!
  • Thanks! You too!
  • Bye!


  • Hi! Can you put these two items in separate bags please? One is a gift!
  • Sure! No problem!
  • Your total is $87.29.
  • Here you go! (handing Visa card to the cashier)
  • I'm gonna need your signature... here... Ok! Here's your receipt! Thank you and have a nice evening!
  • Thank you! You too! Bye-bye!
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  1. Диалоги, подобные этим, часто происходят при расчетах с продавцом.